Rapper NO:EL gets probation for drunk driving accident & terrible cover-up attempt

Rapper and former High School Rapper contestant NO:EL was sentenced to probation after being caught drunk driving and then trying to cover it up. His case also came to prominence because his father is politician Jang Je Won of the right-wing United Future Party.

On June 2, the Seoul Western District Court sentenced NO:EL to two years probation with up to 18 months in prison should he violate it, as well as 40 hours of driving law courses. Honestly, he deserves more, if for no other reason than how stupid his ploy was.

In the early hours of September 7, 2019, NO:EL was driving under the influence near Gwangheungchang Station when he collided with a motorcycle. At the time of the collision, his blood alcohol content was at 0.12%, which is higher than the level (0.08%) that would lead to a license being revoked. At the time of the incident, the motorcyclist suffered light injuries and NO:EL did not suffer any injuries. Right after the incident took place, he called his acquaintance “A” to come take his place as the driver, and he filed a false claim with the involved insurance company that “A” had been driving and caused the accident.

How in the world did he think that would work? The guy on the motorcycle wasn’t unconscious, good lord. Maybe he thought he could bribe him? Who knows.

The court commented on NO:EL’s sentencing and also the others he roped into this as well.

“The defendant drove under the influence and was not in a state to operate his vehicle safely, causing the accident. Not only was his blood alcohol content high, but he was driving over the speed limit as well. He tried to escape blame by lying that ‘A’ had been driving at the time, and he obstructed justice.” They then added, “However, we took into consideration the fact that the victim suffered minor injuries and the two parties reached a settlement, as well as the fact that he turned himself in to the authorities on the day of the accident, and he has no previous criminal record.” “A” was sentenced with a fine of five million won (approximately $4,080) for aiding in the escape of a criminal and violations of the special law pertaining to insurance fraud prevention. “B,” who was in the air with NO:EL at the time of the incident, was sentenced with a fine of three million won (approximately $2,450) for aiding and abetting drunk driving, and violations of the special law pertaining to insurance fraud prevention.

I remember liking this dude on like one song, but other than that, he seems like he sucks.

Analysis right there.


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