Songs You May Have Missed: May 2020 Edition

I could sit here and pretend I have an intro planned for this one, but I don’t and I don’t want to lie. Take care of yourselves, everyone.

ONEWE – “Crazy Good”

This song is fun in a slightly basic way, but I really like ONEWE and I just want to keep bringing them up to people whenever I can.

Sandeul – “Lazy Me”

I somehow never managed to become a B1A4 fan, and now I’m sort of regretting that because Sandeul’s voice is really just lovely.

Se So Neon – “NAN CHUN”

Se So Neon fail to disappoint me yet again on this easy, meandering track – Soyoon’s voice is so gorgeous and husky and sort of prickly and I am so into it.

CHEEZE – “That’s Ok”

I’ve been a fan of CHEEZE ever since Mango – this song fits Dalchong’s voice so wonderfully, and actually the whole album is great.

Suzanne – “The Line Between Us”

I had a hell of a time trying to pick just one track of Suzanne’s “The Distance Between You and Me” EP – I really just recommend listening to the whole thing. On repeat. For three hours.

Yunsae – “Feeling Of You”

Sweet and fun and bouncy, this song is a great addition to a summer playlist – so I’m gonna personally be offended if any of you make one and don’t put this on it.

Xydo ft. Ravi – “Mint Chocolate”

I am always in two minds about Ravi – on the one hand, basically all of his solo tracks miss the mark for me. On the other hand, he’s actually a pretty good feature on other peoples’ tracks and I’ve enjoyed several he’s been on. So listen to this cute song, is what I’m saying.

SAAY ft. Punchnello – “Don’t Know”

How many times can I say I love a track with a dreamy vibe before people ban me from saying it?

Reddy – “Cheat Code”

Every few releases Reddy puts out something that hits just right, and this song is one of my top three on this list.

Choi Cello – “Blue”

Am I becoming predictable with how easily I become a fan of girls with husky voices? Because I’m not sorry.

SOLE – “haPPiness”

I want more music from Sole. Immediately. Please. Also I absolutely love her e-girl hair in this MV.

2z – “Doctor”

I’m trash for k-poprock and honestly 2z are incredibly endearing, so catch me impatiently waiting for everything else they release in the future. I actually prefer their debut mini “We 2z” over their most recent, but both are solid, and I hope they have a good career going forward.

…and that’s it. As always, feel free to leave a comment about anything else you think I may have missed, and be sure to check out the May 2020 Idol B-Side playlist. Happy listening – be good to yourselves and each other.

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