Dandi, producer of “Gwiyomi” & girl group Saturday, arrested for sexual assault

While rumors swirled online after reports of a producer being arrested for sexual assault, his identity was only confirmed recently as Dandi, producer of the viral hit “Gwiyomi”.

According to an exclusive report by Sports Kyunghyang on the 10th, Dandy (Dan Di) was charged with sexual assault of his acquaintance’s younger sister after visiting the female acquaintance’s home in April and having drinks until dawn. He initially denied the allegations during investigation but he was exposed after DNA evidence submitted by the victim confirmed it was him.

It’s technically written as sexual assault, but the report is saying he raped the younger sister of a friend while she was asleep and denied doing it until DNA evidence confirmed he was involved.

Dandi appeared on Mr. Trot, I Can See Your Voice, and Show Me The Money, and also founded a company SD Entertainment and debuted a girl group Saturday.

SDE has predictably severed ties.

SD Entertainment stated, “We’ve come to the decision that Dandi can no longer be with the company after this disgraceful incident, so after coordinating with him, he resigned from the company this past May.”

I have my doubts this is his first time engaging in behavior like this, so immediately my concern is about others who he’s had power over.


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