2Z’s Hyunwoong criticized after sampling George Floyd audio, apologies issued

Rookie group 2Z made waves internationally by being one of the initial artists to speak up in support of getting justice for George Floyd.

They even talked about it on Idol Radio.

Unfortunately, they quickly destroyed that good will and then some when member Hyunwoong disgustingly included a sample of George Floyd’s last moments in a song.

Yeah … the thought process that went into this was obviously not all the way there.

Hyunwoong himself quickly pulled the song and issued an apology.

Then 2Z issued a statement apologizing from the official account as well.

Do I believe he included that in the song with malicious intent to George Floyd or black listeners or really any human listening? No, you’d have to be a sociopath to do it for that reason. But man was it a catastrophically shitty decision and it’s something that’s probably kinda hard to erase from some people’s perception of them. As usual, how one feels about this going forward is up to the individual, as it’s one of those things that’s highly subjective in terms of forgiveness or whatever else, but man was this terrible.

I’m always in favor of people having the freedom to speak their mind, and I still am in that camp when it comes to idols, but boy oh boy do so many idols make it abundantly clear why most companies don’t allow them to speak their minds.


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