Mnet’s ‘I-LAND’ reality show already under fire for unsafe conditions

I-LAND, Mnet’s newest reality show and a collaboration between giants CJ E&M and Big Hit Entertainment, is already under fire due to injuries that have reportedly resulted from unsafe conditions.

On June 15, it was reported that a trainee and a staff member had been injured while filming for the show. A source stated to Sports Chosun, “The stage on set was movable and so dangerously designed that even professionally trained dancers could have fallen and gotten injured. Concerns about safety were raised during the internal meetings, but they pushed ahead with it anyway. Three days prior to the recording, a staff member fell from the stage and bled, but no follow-up action is being taken. On the day of the filming, one of the trainees fractured his arm and was taken to the emergency room, so he couldn’t appear on the show at all.” The source continued to share, “Even after this, safety measures were not taken, and the stage was only slightly modified. I believe that if the current workforce isn’t enough, the program’s scale should be downsized to match that, or more people need to be hired.”

That negligence also apparently extended further to staff.

The production costs are lacking because of all of the transportation we need to arrange, items we have to purchase, props we have to move, and people we have to hire to move them. One of the staff had to drive until early in the morning, even though he hadn’t gotten proper sleep in the days before, and ended up being involved in a minor accident. However, as the name of the rental car is also made in the name of the staff, insurance premiums have to be paid by the staff member and they also have to pay the compensation for the accident. The higher-ups are not taking any responsibility or action. The staff are also purchasing and transporting props. There are more and more complaints as the staff have to use their personal cards for these purchases.

While I feel terrible for the idols as well, the mistreatment of the staff is most concerning.

The show responded and confirmed the accidents but denied it was some negligent thing.

A source from “I-LAND” stated to News1, “It is true that accidents took place on set, but it is not true that we tried to cover them up. We immediately took action and are continuing to record after enforcing strengthened safety measures on set. We had originally planned for the show to have 24 trainees, but one trainee suffered a fracture during the first recording and could no longer participate in the filming. We are discussing with the trainee’s agency BELIF+ about the support measures we can take. The staff member suffered a minor injury, and we took measures accordingly.”


I mean, at this point with all the reality/survival show fuckery that’s gone on, including tons of shows with issues regarding safety and health, I see no reason to have faith in the companies who run them and no matter what happens nothing seems to change.


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