“Gang” covers roll on as Rain’s winning streak continues unabated as he scores a CF

Folks, “Gang” and Rain both continue on without any signs of slowing down, and more covers of the now hit single have been released.

Yes, I still want you to send any others you see as I am determined to run this bit into the ground.

Hey, for starters, how about a mixed collab with A Pink and BTOB members Chorong, Hayoung and Eunkwang?

Victon Sejun’s wanted in on the action as well.

As did Jangjun from Golden Child.

Then there’s Cravity, who had to cover it for their special mid-season stage special, lmao.

Most importantly, as I pointed out previously, 2020 is going to shit for everybody except Rain, who scored a Nongshim Shrimp Crackers CF through this shit.

Nothing can stop this runaway train.


Thot Leader™