#1 hit song “GANG” rolls on unabated, covered by Kim Dong Han and Gugudan’s Mimi & YEL (Hyemi) + Rain gets YouTube show

In a hilarious twist of fate, Rain found himself on top of the charts the other day with the remix of his song “Gang” by AOMG. The widely-mocked track turned meme is now a chart topper and shows no signs of slowing down as Rain has apparently sacrificed this planet to the devil for his career to be resurrected.

Like here’s Kim Dong Han covering “GANG” on The Show…

…and here’s YEL (ex-FIESTAR’s Hyemi) & Gugudan’s Mimi covering “GANG” as well.

Send me all your “GANG” content, folks. I am determined to have this be the next thing I run into the ground.

Oh yeah, speaking of Rain himself, he’s gonna get a YouTube show with Studio Lululala.

And yes, he’s still gonna be in that super group with Yoo Jae Suk and Hyori.


Rain even found time to get an endorsement deal with Levi’s out of this and turned that into a chance to donate all proceeds to charity.

On June 3, it was officially announced that the singer and actor had been chosen as the Fall-Winter season ambassador for Levi Strauss Korea. Just a couple of days later, Rain’s agency Sublime Artist Agency has announced that the star will be donating all of his earnings from the gig to help disadvantaged women. Referring to the recent surge in popularity of Rain’s 2017 song “Gang,” the agency stated, “Because it was his fans who created the ‘Gang’ syndrome that recently caused a stir, Rain wanted to return [this love]. So he personally decided to donate the entirety of his modeling fees for the denim brand.” The agency went on, “Rain’s donations will be used to provide sanitary napkins for disadvantaged women who are currently facing hardships due to COVID-19.” 

I am convinced he sold out humanity for all of this.


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