K-pop labeled ‘foreign propaganda’ & BTS labeled ‘Big Time Socialists’ by some chud running for Congress in Florida, this is 2020

Some chud named KW Miller is running for Congress in Florida, and following K-pop’s rise to prominence in some political circles due to recent events, apparently now it’s a target for these idiots.

There’s something very American about labeling K-pop’s biggest act as socialists, as everything left of like Ronald Reagan is socialism to a lot of Americans.

Anyway, I know it’s probably counterproductive to even dunk on this chud loser, but in a country where they are multiple QAnon believers running for office, I don’t think mocking this dipshit does much to move the needle on our utter hellscape.

It’s 2020 and politicians are getting into arguments with Stan Twitter.

The one thing about fandoms on Stan Twitter is that they are utterly prepared to deal with online jousts due to years of basically doing fucked up targeted harassment. So there’s that.


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