WKS ENE, former label of Minah (ex-ILUV), denies bullying + Gahyun (ex-ILUV) denies involvement

Following Minah’s disturbing update about the company telling her to keep silent and that she tried to take her own life recently, WKS ENE responded to her statements by saying that her accusations are false and saying they would take legal action.

This is WKS ENE. We would like to express the agency’s position on the false information about Minah being harassed by all six members of ILUV. With rumors of verbal abuse and assault circulating recently, we realize this could seriously defame our agency’s artists and the former members who are finding their own paths, so we decided to give an explanation on the matter. Minah has been on a break since January for health reasons. The agency wanted to give her a chance for a new project, but she stated that she needed more time to recover, so we allowed her to extend her break. It is unfortunate that such an incident has occurred in this situation. WKS ENE and the six former members of ILUV want to make it clear that her claims are not true. For some reason, Minah is refusing to meet us, but we read on her social media account that she is suffering from mental illnesses, such as severe insomnia, so we tried to refrain from taking further action while hoping her health would recover. The six members are shocked and hurt by the one-sided and absurd claims made by one person who is stating that she is experiencing difficulties with mental health. It is especially puzzling how she could accuse a member who had not lived at the dorm with her. Nevertheless, we have no choice but to take separate legal action to protect our artists from actions that continue to spread groundless content and damage their image and reputation. Also, we would like to ask you to please refrain from writing speculative articles or malicious comments based on unconfirmed information, and if you posted something due to a misunderstanding, we would appreciate it if you could voluntarily take it down. We apologize for the delay in our response. The agency needed to confirm the exact facts about what Minah claimed before expressing our position. Thank you.

Effectively, they are saying she’s making this up and are intimating that the reason is her mental health. All I know is that if they are going to go in that direction, then they better be right that this is false because otherwise that’s a disgusting thing to leverage against a person.

It’s also been a bit confusing because prior to this, former ILUV member Gahyun actually did speak out for herself on Instagram.

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May the truth be revealed

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Unlike what the following tweet claims, I do not believe that Gahyun confirmed bullying did happen, as I don’t think English is her first language and I’m not sure that’s what she was saying. Most of what she says is confusion and just clearing her involvement.

She left a long Instagram comment on her latest post.

One way or another, this is shaping up to be a terrible situation and I do hope it gets resolved, but we might not find out for a while depending on what the legal action is (or ever if it’s for defamation since truth isn’t a defense).


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