TWICE makes 2020 a more cursed year by doing JYP under the sheets meme, I have a meme suggestion

While JYP and plastic pants has gone so mainstream it’s actually weirdly considered cool at this point, mercifully we’ve been saved from other old JYP pictures surfacing and becoming memes.

Or at least that’s what I thought until “JYPUnderTheSheets.jpg” was posted to his Instagram recently after TWICE re-enacted the photo.

Buddy, he tried to pitch this before as a boyfriend shot, but to me, it is the everlasting nightmare that one day, you could be tucked away under the sheets in blissful peace only to wake up to a naked JYP smirking at you. Akin to getting a decapitated horse head in the bed via The Godfather.

Anyway, much like plastic pants, if I had to reminded off this, then so do you.

There’s also another picture I had in mind for a meme if they’re gonna do one.

Even funnier is that it was posted along with swearing by Sidus HQ’s CEO as they had beef over Jay Park. I look forward to it with great anticipation.

Hey, as humiliating as this could be, at least I didn’t suggest this one instead.


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