Members of TWICE, A Pink, Gugudan, and more to join celeb soccer team FC Rumor, who then go private cause of backlash

Amazing news came across my feed yesterday, as it was announced that a bunch of female celebrities would be joining FC Rumor for a celebrity women’s team.

From the picture and those promoting it, people were able to pick out A Pink’s Hayoung (who seems to be spearheading this), Gugudan’s Sejeong and Nayoung, EXID’s Jeonghwa, TWICE’s Mina and Jihyo, Uji (former EXID & Bestie), actress Kim Sae Ron, and probably more you’ll recognize when the lineup is announced.

Great, right? Yes, the cross-company/cross-generation interaction between idols we’ve been missing since the second gen!

Well, not quite for some, as the FC Rumor Instagram was met with backlash and had to go private, apparently because Korean fans (mainly seems to be fanboys but some fangirls as well) are horrified by this as they think they’re either joining to have sex and party with the opposite sex or that joining with lead them down that path.

1) The owner of the club is an owner of a bar and a former backdancer who has a lot of connections in the industry 2) He is close with the “NaJeongJi” “cartel” (whatever that means, smh) 3) The guy also had some conflicts with other idol fandoms because of his careless use of social media 4) The club is composed of 58 males and 21 females (which apparently is obviously going to lead to sex and dating and shit) 5) Since the club owner is a famous guy in the industry, they’re going to have interesting outings after football 6) Absolute clusterfuck among fans
After the absolute clusterfuck of a backlash since Hayoung’s post on instagram, both Hayoung and Sejeong deleted their facebook instagram posts, and Hayoung followed up with a statement that they’re not going to do stuff with the male members, and that they’re purely there for the love of football

It’s just a Reddit comment, but it led me to go browsing around and it certainly seems to check out.

As mentioned in the comment, Hayoung ended up having to like … officially address this ridiculous shit and assure everybody they just want to have fun and play/learn football.

Sejeong also replied to clarify that it has nothing to do with their weirdo projection.

God, this is so depressing. Even if they wanted to socialize with people they like, who cares? Ugh.

Look, all I know is this better not ruin this thing as it sounds like something that could be a lot of fun. Hell, they should give them their own show for it and I’d definitely watch (do one for baseball too, IMO). Hopefully they continue forward and announce the lineup, but mainly I’m just left mad at the losers who are threatening to make this not worth their time.


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