Amaki Sally is still on YouTube and her videos are still very good

While I haven’t had the time I’ve wanted to update the readers on Amaki Sally’s every move, fortunately she has continued regularly uploading to YouTube and providing content and you should subscribe.


One of the regular things she’s decided to do is basically do a slice of life vlog where she chronicles her life as a voice actor (or whatever random shit), and it’s honestly amazing because she provides subtitles that are basically her inner monologue.

Like it’s quite basic if you only listen to the Japanese, but lol.

I dunno man, she can basically do whatever, cause it’s her that makes the videos. Making omurice sounds whatever, but it’s still something I was engaged with. Maybe also cause it has karaoke in it.

I will be using this.

She was also an MC for a marathon show recently, which went about how you would expect for Sally.

Poor thing didn’t even have the energy to make joke subtitles.

She also welcomes us to her morning routine, just like other celebs!

And outed herself as the arcade terror.

Did you know Sally is fluent in French? Well, now you do. A chef as well.

Amazing, you have to stan.

Okay, so I was only gonna post the videos I enjoyed, but I ended up basically posting her entire YouTube channel so far. I tried! She could make reading the phone book engaging.


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