Actor Kim Min Seok apprehended a man who was trying to film molka at a cafe

Actor Kim Min Seok reportedly spent his vacation days while in the military playing superhero a bit, as he recently caught a man who was attempting to film molka at a cafe.

According to an exclusive report from Star News on July 21, Kim Min Seok personally apprehended a criminal after realizing the man was trying to illegally film a woman’s body while he was at an Apgujeong cafe on July 19. Kim Min Seok was on his last military vacation before his official military discharge, and upon noticing, he called police while suppressing the criminal to prevent him from running away. Kim Min Seok’s courageous act allowed for the criminal to be arrested at the scene upon police arrival. After searching the criminal’s phone, police reportedly discovered hidden camera pictures of many other women. With his act, Kim Min Seok made a direct contribution to catching criminals with malicious intent.

So it turns out he practices what he preaches as he was a spokesman for a campaign to rid South Korea of it digital sex crimes problem

A rather nice change to having good news to report about a celebrity.


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