Hongbin leaves VIXX, which better not be over talking some shit on stream

What seems like an eternity ago in February, VIXX’s Hongbin got in some hot water after he basically got shitfaced on stream and talked some shit. Ill-advised? Yeah. Been there? Of course. Hilarious if you don’t take yourself and your faves too seriously? Absolutely.

Unfortunately, Jellyfish Entertainment recently announced that he would be leaving the group.

We are sharing an official statement regarding VIXX member Hongbin.
First, we express our sincere gratitude to fans who love VIXX a lot, and we are conveying sad news.On August 7, Hongbin shared his intention to withdraw from VIXX. After careful discussion with the VIXX members and Hongbin, we are respecting his wishes and so it’s been decided that he will leave the group. It’s planned that VIXX will promote as a five-member group in the future. We are very sorry to fans for causing concern with this sudden news, and we ask you to continue to love and support the VIXX members.

I would like to believe this is what he really wants, but it sounds like Jellyfish booting him and that absolutely sucks.

Well, maybe he just wanted to do Twitch? He said he’ll go back to doing that soon.

On August 6, Hongbin shared a post on Twitch in which he gave an update for fans. After first asking how everyone has been, he shared his intentions to return to the platform. “I’ve been thinking that I want to be doing fun broadcasts again where we can laugh and chat while gaming together,” he wrote. “Many changes have happened while I was taking a break from broadcasts. I’m still adjusting, so I’m a bit all over the place. I still don’t know how the broadcasts might change in the future as well, but I’m planning on doing broadcasts that you can comfortably watch while laughing and chatting like before.” “It’s possible that you’ll see how I’m inexperienced and still wandering, but I’m going to try harder so that they can be fun broadcasts we can enjoy together,” he added. “I’m sorry for making you wait so long. See you soon.”

He recently confirmed the news himself and apologized to fans in a statement. Notably he says ” it’s true that it was my mistake and this happened because of my mistake.” Sure makes it seem like it was about that incident, which is rather ridiculous to me.


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