Dreamcatcher tease away for ‘Lose Myself’ album for their “BOCA” comeback

How disconnected was I from K-pop of late? Dreamcatcher have already run through their entire teaser cycle for their ‘Lose Myself’ comeback with title track “BOCA” and this is my first post about it.

Honestly, it works out rather nicely, cause you can get all the glory in one place.

Love the styling for this comeback, especially the hair choices.

And buddy, the music video looks expensive as hell.

The choreography is as intense as is basically their signature at this point…

…and it comes with what I’m just gonna claim is a Street Fighter tribute.

The highlight medley for the album is also worth a listen, as it’s possible “BOCA” won’t even be the best track off the release.

Oh yeah, the giveaway post is coming later today.



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