Songs You May Have Missed: July Edition

Hello again, it’s your friendly neighbourhood playlist gremlin, back again with some tracks you may have missed. This month’s playlist is short, sweet, and mostly full of tracks from ladies because it just turned out that way. Here we go!

Park Hye Jin – “How Come”

Alright, so I realise this might not float everyone’s boat, but I just love the sparse, hypnotic nature of this track so much. Please check out Park Hyejin’s whole album if you’re into slightly weird soundscape-y stuff.

Gavy NJ – “x girlfriend”

A ballad? On MY playlist? It’s more likely than you think. I just want an excuse to talk about how gorgeous Gavy NJ’s voice is, honestly. Also god this MV is sad.

3YE – “Like This Summer”

3YE is the best girl group you’re probably not listening to – girl groups absolutely own summer 2020, and this track is a great addition to a playlist that you put on at the beach. Or literally anywhere else, come to think of it.

Lee Hi – “HOLO”

Alright, so I realise it’s unlikely that anyone missed Lee Hi releasing any new music, but I wanted to talk about her anyway. Lee Hi is one of the most impressive artists that I’ve always sort of been aware of but have never fully engaged with, and that’s really ridiculous on my part because I’ve always thought her voice is so strong and beautiful.

Irene & Seulgi – “Naughty (Demicat Remix)”

God this is such a good remix. It’s everything I love about EDM, and I just had to include it even though it’s an absolutely gratuitous use of a loophole to put the same artist on both my monthly playlists.

Rocoberry – “Hot Summer”

So, obviously there’s competition for THE “Hot Summer” if you release a song during this time, with the same name…but this song is so sweet and fun (and actually pretty melancholy, lyrics wise) and I’m not even mad. Please listen to Rocoberry.

…and that’s it! As always, thanks for reading, please check out these artists’ other releases, and leave me anything else you really loved that came out during July in the comments.

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