Cupid accuses SEVENTEEN & Pledis of plagiarizing “Cupid Shuffle” for “Left & Right”

While I’m catching up on old news, this one is relatively recent, as I saw Pledis Entertainment trending and knew it couldn’t be anything good. Anyway, so American artist Cupid recently took to Twitter to accuse SEVENTEEN of plagiarizing his song “Cupid Shuffle” for their song “Left & Right”.

Cupid says he wants compensation.

He also retweeted this from July to show it wasn’t just him.

Later he says that he has contacted the company but has not heard back. He also made a video about this for YouTube, though it currently seems blocked for certain countries.

As far as I know, nobody on their side has yet to respond to the accusations yet. However, I do know there’s a ton of debate about this going on right now.

These cases are always hard to figure unless it’s literally identical because it’s complicated and many accusations are soundalikes. However, if taken to court, the right/wrong jury (depending on your perspective) could rule in your favor/against you regardless of the veracity of the claims. I generally stay out of it for this reason and leave it to people with technical musical knowledge as that’s where the merits are most likely to be credibly debated.


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