ANS’s Haena makes posts about hospitalization as a result of self-harm, alludes to mistreatment

ANS is an 8-member girl group under ANS Entertainment that debuted late last year. Recently, member Haena (maknae of the group) has spoken up on Instagram, taking to the platform to talk about mistreatment (alternate source).

She doesn’t explicitly name anybody so it’s not completely clear who she is talking about, but it certainly seems like at least part of it is about her fellow member(s) due to her mentioning being left out of activities at the dorm and about seven of them ganging up on her.

Essentially Haena talks about suffering from mistreatment and/or abuse which led to mental health issues, and eventually led to self-harm and what read like attempts to take her own life. Unsure on exactly how to frame this as well since it’s not specific but general.

Previously, fans were worried about she posted up an Instagram Story.

So far, the only reaction has been from Orly (what a name) from the same company.

Would be nice to get updates from the company or somebody since this seems to be spiraling a bit and it’s worrisome to say the least.


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