HINAPIA disband after ~10 months, members write to fans

In a rather sad and surprising turn of events, rookie girl group HINAPIA has disbanded after just nine months as a group, which would suck regardless but is made even worse cause it consists of four former PRISTIN members. OSR Entertainment broke the news earlier today in a statement.

First, we wish to apologize for bringing unfortunate news to the fans who have always loved and waited for good news from HINAPIA. We wish to speak to you of HINAPIA’s disbandment and the termination of all members’ contracts. Our agency has spoken at great lengths with the members over a substantial period of time, and we all came to the decision to disband the group and terminate our exclusive contracts with all five members. The members of HINAPIA are set to be active in a variety of fields in the future, and we hope you will support their new beginnings as well.

Following this the members addressed fans themselves.


We decided that it would be difficult to continue to maintain the group based on the agency’s recent internal circumstances, and so after sufficient discussion with the company, all of the members’ contracts have been terminated.
I sincerely thank the OSR family who made the group HINAPIA and worked hard for us until the end.
And more than anything, I have a heavy heart because it seems I’m always only giving bad news to the fans who are always so loving and supportive.
I was happy to be able to be on stage during that time, and I was happy to be able to be together with fans.
This is a new start for me and not the end. I’m going to return and show my better self so I hope you’ll watch over me and support our members’ futures too.


To the fans who supported us and waited, I’m sorry and thank you.
I’ll see you in the future and show my better self.


Everyone, don’t be too sad! I was happy to be able to experience working as a singer too and making precious relationships as part of my long life.
Just because this has ended doesn’t mean my life has ended too, so I’m going to work harder.
I think it’s natural to go through some or other experience in life, so I don’t want to think negatively about it. Isn’t this why they say that life is a rollercoaster?!
This is the end for HINAPIA’s Jung Eunwoo, but this is just the start for Jung Eunwoo, so I’m going to work hard.
Also there was an article headline where a reporter had written the words ‘unlucky fate’ but I don’t think like that! I’m not unlucky at all…
Anyway, everyone!!!
I’ve been so, so grateful.
I’m going to keep this as such a precious memory because I received so much love that I wondered if it was okay for me to be so loved. Thank you.


I’m writing this to express my feelings to everyone who must have been taken aback by the sudden news.
First, I wasn’t able to fulfill my promise to repay all the support and love from our longtime fans who’ve watched over us and cheered us on since our PRISTIN days before HINAPIA, and once again we’ve had to convey the news of our disbandment, so I’m also so upset and feel sorry about that. However, I’m determined to keep working harder until the day, which will someday definitely come, that I’m able to fulfill that promise.
And to the fans who cherished and loved HINAPIA, although my heart aches over the fact that we’ll no longer have chances to show how we’re improving, I want to tell you that we are only apart temporarily and we are always together in our hearts.
Because of several difficult situations within the company, it was decided that our promotions could no longer continue, and I hope that our fans who have been curious about how we are doing will be understanding. Our promotions together were short, but I will remember all of the people who loved HINAPIA. And although I can’t know the future, I’m going to work hard and show you better sides of myself so that the memories of all the fans who loved and cherished us won’t fade. So I hope you will continue to support our members as we go on separate paths and support myself who is sharing this news with you. And finally, I end this by expressing to you once again how grateful I was for your love.


First, I am sorry for conveying bad news to our fans. I had fun on stage with my members while being a singer, and I was really happy to be able to meet fans while promoting. Thank you to the OSR staff who made me able to stand on stage as a singer and I’ll try to see fans in the future and show a good side of myself. I was lacking and inexperienced, and thank you to all the fans who loved and supported even that part of me.

Well that’s certainly terrible news, especially for the former PRISTIN members and their fans.

In a way though, I guess this isn’t that surprising. With COVID-19 taking away the main revenue stream (performing at events) of most lesser known groups, it must be rather brutal.


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