Idol rebooting show ‘Miss Baek’ announces lineup of girl group members and I’m hyped

A new idol rebooting show is coming soon and the lineup looks interesting so far. Helmed by Baek Ji Young for MBN, the show will be called Miss Baek and will feature a relatively notable lineup of Dal Shabet’s Subin, T-ara’s Soyeon, Crayon Pop’s Soyul, Nine Muses’ Sera, WASSUP’s Nada, STELLAR’s Gayoung, After School’s Raina, and The Ark’s Yujin.

A mix between a documentary and variety show, “Miss Back” will follow a group of female singers who made their debut in idol groups but are slowly being forgotten in the minds of the public. Through the show, they will be able to share their stories, prepare stunning performances, and hope for another chance at success as singers.

The eight participants will bring touching moments with their sincere stories from the time they began to dream of becoming a singer until they were separated from the stage. They will also deliver joy with their performances that were already proven to be fantastic through their past stages as girl group members.

My hope, perhaps delusional, is that it’ll be more like Queendom than Produce 101 or even The Unit, in that it’ll focus more on the contestants and their stories than competition.

Honestly, it’s a great lineup with more star power and relevancy than I anticipated, and I’m especially interested in this due to Soyeon, Soyul, Sera, and Subin, but I think the contestants cover a rather wide base of dead girl groups that people wanted better for.

Granted, I’m not sure how much international stans can do for the show, but I’ll be watching, and if nothing else this should make Sera’s YouTube channel even better.


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