[Review] Sori delivers a synth-heavy gem in “Initial S”, which is hopefully not her swan song

Following her previous release, Sori found herself on the verge of giving up her dream of singing and presumably focusing on acting going forward. Thankfully, she seems to have given it one last shot through crowdfunding, and Sori made every backer look smart by delivering her best effort yet in “Initial S“.

Just the name “Initial S” is amusing, as the only thing one can possibly associate with it is “Initial D“. The expectation based on the name then just screams high-intensity track, and the song met expectations thanks to a foundation of an pulsing synth beat that continually pushes forward,

Sori’s vocals are actually a perfect match for the lower register of the verses, showcasing a sensual tone and building tension that way, relying on the beat to move things along. That results in not needing a pre-chorus instrumental drop-out before the burst of the chorus, where another round of keyboard synths kick in and Sori picks up the pace. The chorus could’ve used another gear vocally to cap it off, though perhaps was beyond Sori, but that doesn’t stop it from being addictive and thoroughly enjoyable. It’s not that any part of it necessarily jumps at you (the “ohs” might actually be it), but there’s a ton of flow and replay value to it, which also applies to the song as a whole since it doesn’t provide the listener time to rest and makes you want to hear it again.

The visuals go with the concept for the most part, with a lot of the motorcycle riding and night dancing matching the song nicely. While I appreciate Sori at the beach in a bathing suit, those scenes did seem a bit out of place, and I imagine it was put in for her swimsuit sponsor purposes. Well … gotta do what you gotta do.

I’m honestly not sure where Sori will go from here in terms of her music career. She’s basically crowdfunded every comeback and was sounding like this would be her last go of it. The problem is that while the song itself is better than a whole ton of shit from 2020, I’m not sure how that is gonna translate into a way to support future releases. It’s concerning, as Sori honestly has a solo career that’s definitely worth pursuing. She’s shown a willingness to branch out in ways that have paid off musically to this point, and it would be a shame to see it end now, though if it does then “Initial S” is a hell of a swan song.


TheBiasList enjoyed “Initial S” as well, as I thought he might because of the synth-heavy instrumental.


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