Woollim name their new boy group DRIPPIN, to release intro video ‘Allegory Of DRIPPIN’

Woollim Entertainment are debuting a new boy group soon, and today they announced that the six-member group’s name will be … DRIPPIN.

The agency announced, “A new face of Woollim, DRIPPIN is making their debut in October.” The name DRIPPIN expresses the coolness of the group and their aim to be trendsetters. The seven-member boy group will include Cha Jun Ho, Hwang Yun Seong, Joo Chang Uk, Kim Dong Yun, Lee Hyeop, and Kim Min Seo, who all competed on “Produce X 101,” along with one other member who has not been unveiled yet.

Other than sounding like a symptom of venereal disease, they also are releasing a hilariously titled intro video.

DRIPPIN will launch official social media channels on September 5 at midnight KST. A video with the members’ stories titled “Allegory of DRIPPIN” will be released on September 7.

Hell yeah, Plato dead in a ditch. I honestly cannot wait for the proliferation of stuff like this.

K-pop was always a bit ridiculous, but as like more pop groups try to monetize world building and “deep” meanings and what not, more and more we’ll get stuff like “Death Of A Civil Society” by FUKBOIZ and I can ascend to heaven.


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