[Update] FNCE deny Keeho from upcoming boy group made problematic social media posts, Keeho makes statement

An issue that was brewing on Twitter the other day after FNC Entertainment announced the members of their new boy group P1Harmony was caused by the debut of Keeho, who faced allegations of racism and harassment.

There’s been stuff all over Twitter, but this thread seems to catch most of it.

Apparently the issue grew enough that today FNCE issued a statement denying the allegations of racism, saying that I guess his Stan Twitter account was abandoned by him in 2017 and multiple other people ran it, so the problematic stuff wasn’t him.

Okay, so the company admits that he ran the account up to a certain point, which seems to shoot the primary defense of him to dust and lends credibility to the accusations in the threads about him. I’ve found it difficult to suss out exactly what he’s done with documented evidence, though all the past interactions with the account he used to run seem to back the threads as well.

Additionally, I’m not sure what him growing up in Canada has to do with racism and what not. People always say that Asian-Americans or Asian-Canadians should be better about stuff like this, but why expect that? If anything they are the ones who drop the n-word more frequently than native Asians, so that explanation just adds to all this being suspect on their part. Regardless, it seems like FNCE is gonna have his back on this anyway.

Mainly I just feel bad for his group mates, as I doubt people are just gonna let this go, and unless FNCE or somebody provides credible pushback against what people have found other than basically “somebody else did it”, it’s hard to blame anybody for taking issue with Keeho.



Keeho has now released a statement of his own.

Hello this is P1Harmony’s Keeho, I would like to first and foremost apologize sincerely about the issues that have been caused in the last few days. There has been a lot of screenshots circulating around about my Twitter account from years ago. I would like to own up to that and inform you all that once again I am deeply sorry for all the damages I might’ve caused. The account owner was me, and the person who made the account was me as well, for that reason, this whole issue was my mistake. I would like to add however, in a group chat I was in, we used to share our passwords and go into each other’s accounts and tweet every now and then. At the time the close friends I have shared my password with tweeted on my account and used my account frequently. Although this did happen, the owner of the account is me, and me not knowing what was being tweeted and posted is my fault. I once again genuinely apologize. I would also like to say I would never make a racist or racially charged statement to anyone, as a person of colour myself coming from a racially diverse community, I understand the complexity and seriousness of racism and racial discrimination. This also includes micro aggressions and other cultural offences that lead to the bigger picture of racism. This is a genuine message that I wanted to write, once again I am very sorry. Moving forward from this situation, I will work harder and show my ability to improve.

It’s basically the company’s statement reworded a bit, though it does take more responsibility for what was tweeted from the account and doesn’t address the alleged harassment and what not.


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