Woojin (ex-Stray Kids) accused of sexual assaults, he denies in statement

Former Stray Kids member Woojin was recently accused of sexual assault, though he has denied this in a statement. Woojin left Stray Kids back in late 2019.

The current issue started recently when two anonymous Twitter accounts accused Woojin of sexual assault.

I’ve seen others who have followed to varying degrees, but these two provide detailed accounts. They also basically both provide a similar pattern of going to a bar, sexually harassing and sexually assaulting women, and refusing to take no for an answer.

In response to the allegations, Woojin released a statement on his social media.

Hello. This is Kim Woojin. Today, I am suffering from an absurd situation… I am posting this to tell my fans about that situation. Someone on Twitter posted weird rumors and then deleted their account… I haven’t met that person, and I didn’t go to the places mentioned. My fans must have been very worried, but please don’t worry too much because none of that is true. Also, recently, I signed a contract with an agency that matches me, and I am preparing hard for my solo activities. My new company is preparing to take action against the people who spread the false rumors, and they will relay their statement afterwards, so please don’t worry too much. Then I will share more news about myself. Thank you.

The original account seemed to respond after he posted his statement as well.

Obviously I don’t know exactly what happened, but his statement is definitely bizarre. They are quite direct allegations, not rumors, and given that they’re anonymous, I’m not sure how one can deny meeting them or going to certain places. Then he transitions into promoting his upcoming solo, which is an odd choice for something of this magnitude and doesn’t reflect well on him.

Not sure much more will come from this as there doesn’t appear to be any legal proceedings against him, but if their goal was to expose his true self, then getting him to issue a statement like he did certainly seemed to do at least that.


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