(Ex-Stray Kids) Woojin’s “company” issues statement on sexual assault allegations

Following sexual assault allegations being made against former Stray Kids member Woojin, he responded rather bizarrely in a statement on social media while denying any involvement.

Now his “company” 10x Entertainment has released a statement on the matter.

Hello. This is 10x Entertainment. 10x Entertainment would like to announce our plans to take legal actions against the malicious false rumors about our artist, Kim Woojin. Ahead our legal processes, we wish to reveal photo evidence to make sure the fans don’t have any misunderstandings.
(Photo1) On March 10, the artist took photos to upload on Instagram for April 29
(Photo2) April 29 around 1 am, the artist taking a photo of an accessory while at home (He was home at the time of the incident)
The information above have been confirmed by 10x Entertainment, and we will be taking active actions with additional documents against the defamation and spread of false rumors about our artist.
We will do our best to prevent Kim Woojin and his fans from receiving any more damage. Additionally, if you could please send social media links and PDF files related to the false rumors through email ([email protected]), we will use them as a foundation to take additional legal measures. Thank you.

Of course, this was only about the follow-up allegation and assumes he didn’t wear the same clothes over a month apart or something.

Regardless, the reason company is in quotation marks is because there’s questions as to whether it’s actually an entity. The Twitter account was created today and there are multiple threads calling it out as fake.

This doesn’t materially impact the accusations against him, but his odd statement combined with the fact that he appears to be lying about something as ridiculous as this certainly makes it hard to take him at his word or seriously at all.


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