YG admits all gambling charges against him

With everything that’s been happening it’s easy to forget that YG’s legal problems are still ongoing, and today his gambling charges seem to have been concluded at least from a judgment standpoint as he admitted to all the gambling charges against him.

In June, Yang Hyun Suk was indicted on charges of flying to Las Vegas, United States seven times between July 2015 and January 2019 and gambling using a total of approximately $335,460 with four other individuals. He was indicted with a summary judgement (a judgment made by the court without a full in-person trial), but the court decided that an in-person trial was necessary for this case. At the trial, Yang Hyun Suk’s lawyer said, “We admit to all charges,” while also stating that part of the evidence presented by the prosecution did not serve as adequate proof.

People are oddly happy about this, but all it means is he likely left a paper trail and is pleading guilty to reduce the sentencing, which seems to be extremely effective in Korean courts. Slap on the wrist and meaningless considering the other allegations he’s facing.


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