SONAMOO’s Nahyun & Sumin win contract termination suit against TSE, appeals still to come

In September of last year, SONAMOO members Nahyun and Sumin filed to terminate their contracts with TS Entertainment. The company subsequently said that they would take legal action against Nahyun and Sumin.

Given the history of the company, most understandably sympathized with the two members, and recently the court ruled that their suit was valid and their contracts would be terminated.

On September 15, the law firm Yehyun representing Nahyun and Sumin confirmed that the court ruled in favor of Nahyun and Sumin on September 10. According to the ruling, their exclusive contracts with TS Entertainment have been terminated.

Of course, nothing is complete without appeals, so this isn’t final. Though obviously it’s hard to not see it as a step in the right direction for the members.

TS Entertainment filed a written appeal on September 14, meaning the legal dispute will continue. The date for the appellate trial has not yet been set.

Of course, nobody has any damn idea what TSE is doing with SONAMOO despite whatever lip service they provided when this news broke a year ago. Quite frankly, I can only hope the rest of the members are able to get out as well.


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