SONAMOO’s Nahyun & Sumin file to terminate contracts and others may follow, TSE acknowledges report

In addition to being in an ongoing dispute with Sleepy, TS Entertainment has been hit again after SONAMOO members Nahyun and Sumin have also filed for contract termination. They actually did so back in May but it’s public now presumably due to them not getting a response.

On September 23, it was reported that SONAMOO’s Nahyun and Sumin had sent a certification of contents to TS Entertainment to terminate their contracts back in May. Reportedly, TS Entertainment refused to carry out the certification of contents and Nahyun and Sumin filed a lawsuit in August to affirm the non-existence of their exclusive contracts. The legal firm in charge of the case confirmed the report to Star News and said that TS Entertainment had not yet responded to the filing. The lawyer added that Nahyun and Sumin will wait until the beginning of October for a response before pursuing other actions as determined by the court.

And they reportedly will be followed by others.

According to industry insiders, Nahyun and Sumin are not the only SONAMOO members looking to terminate their TS Entertainment contract, adding that other members are currently preparing to make their own requests.

TSE have confirmed this.

When asked for a statement, TS Entertainment responded, “We have confirmed that Nahyun and Sumin have filed a lawsuit against our agency claiming that our exclusive contract is non-existent. We will organize an official response as soon as possible.”

Yeah, I doubt that is the barrier considering it only started in May and their unfulfilled Makestar project is now closing in on two years.

I mean, what do you say? That’s the entirety of BAP, Hyosung and Song Ji Eun of SECRET, Sleepy of Untouchable, and Nahyun and Sumin (plus maybe others) of SONAMOO. Honestly cannot think of a company that has lost this much of their roster to contract termination lawsuits.

Oh yeah, back in August, Nahyun started up her own Instagram. I guess she got the lawyer, said fuck it and started doing whatever she wanted, including saying that she’s a normal college student that wants to graduate.



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