[Update] Staff for Fanatics scolds & allegedly slaps member Sika after she covers legs of members, FENT responds

Sika, a member of the girl group Fanatics under FENT, was allegedly slapped and scolded by a staff member for covering the legs of fellow members during a V Live because the staff said the point was to show them.

Essentially he says, ‘What are you doing, covering them up? We’re trying to show them, why are you covering? Are you stupid?”

The group silence after the slapping sound is … eerie and sad.

Okay, so we can hear the male staff member scolding somebody for covering their legs and what not, that much is direct. We can also hear what sounds like a slapping sound at least once, both of which involve somebody off camera. There’s also pretty good evidence that person is Sika, a member of the group.

It’s worse if it’s a member, but regardless of what was happening, this situation is not only horrible in isolation for Fanatics and the company as a whole, but it’s scary to think just what else is happening if it’s so normalized that it could get caught on a V Live.

Additionally, it provides insight into just how much these types of things are coached and micromanaged, not to mention the way the bodies of idols are treated as things to capitalize on. Not that we didn’t know this before, but boy is this direct.


FENT has now released a statement on the incident.

As an agency, we recognize the seriousness of the incident in which a staff member made an inappropriate comment during FANATICS’s V Live broadcast on September 7. First, we would like to apologize to the members and fans who were hurt by this. The agency acknowledges that the staff member’s inappropriate comment was wrong and without excuse and the person responsible will take action against them accordingly. FENT will take more care in future so that this incident does not happen again.

This does effectively nothing. They admit the undeniable about the comment and apologize for it, then promise some kind of vague action, ignoring what sounds like multiple slaps.


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