Super Junior’s Ryeowook & ex-TAHITI member Ari dating, mess has already started

A couple days ago it was reported that Super Junior member Ryeowook and former TAHITI member Ari are in a relationship. Ryeowook’s company, Label SJ, later confirmed the report.

On September 29, SpoTVNews reported that Ryeowook and Ari recently began dating. The pair reportedly became close after being introduced by an acquaintance. SpoTVNews reports that Label SJ has confirmed their relationship. The agency is quoted as saying, “We confirmed that Ryeowook and Ari are in a romantic relationship after they were first close as senior and junior artists.”

It won’t shock you to learn that I don’t feel like this is a big deal. Unfortunately, not everybody seems to share that sentiment, as both celebs released lengthy posts to address some of the reactions.

Ryeowook was apologetic and quite frankly seemed scared as shit.

Hello, this is Ryeowook.
I’m sorry for making you all wait for so long.
I was worried about how to start, while thinking about the ELF who must have felt hurt by the news, no matter what I say.
First of all, I feel very sorry to announce that there is a friend I am seeing in this way. Thinking about it, I think ELF have provided me so much support and consideration for me to see that friend. I should have been more considerate to ELF, and I’m reflecting on that. I think my lack of consideration has caused more confusion.
The friend that was being talked about, I am dating her.
There are misunderstanding that have been going around, there are some stories that I have never said or thought about. Both Super Junior and ELF are so precious to me. It’s a shame that there are so many false rumors spreading.
I have hurt my ELF a lot. The names and expressions that were made on Bubble were sincere. There wasn’t a single thing that I was insincere about. In the recent selfie with flowers that I uploaded, those flowers were given to me by a staff member that came to watch the concert.
I don’t use social media, and Bubble is the only way I can communicate with ELF. You guys chose this place to communicate with me too, so I wanted to try my best. I really wanted to be able to share my daily life with ELF, and I didn’t want you to feel lonely or sad.
I had started planning on creating a cafe for my parents to work in, as they have been idle. What you all were thinking about, isn’t going to happen ever. I don’t want to use the name Ryeowook or Super Junior for such things. I don’t know much about that field, so I wanted to get some help from a friend. I’m sorry for hurting you with my rash thoughts.
My actions hurt ELF. You gave me your love and trust, even though I didn’t deserve it, I feel so sorry.
I am also very sorry to my members who must have been very surprised. I will think carefully before acting from now on.
I will become Ryeowook who has a greater sense of responsibility to pay back all of the trust and support you have shown me. I will do my best to not damage Super Junior’s activities, which are my first priority. Thank you for trusting in me until now.

Of course, Ari was the one who got the brunt of it, with people even speculating she was connected to the church that was involved with the initial spread of COVID-19 in Korea.

Hello, this is Ari.
I’m posting this to apologize for causing you any discomfort and provide clarification for any misunderstanding.
First of all, I’d like to apologize for hurting your feelings with the mistakes that I’ve made.
First of all, I set up the cafe account for promotional purposes, but I unintentionally made you uncomfortable, and I apologize for that. Since I have cafe experience, I stepped up and volunteered to make it pretty, but I’d like to clarify that he did not set me up with a cafe, and that I do not get any of the cafe’s profits. I feel like you must’ve felt hurt after finding out about it through the posts on the internet.
I’m really sorry.
Also, I’ve never worn couple rings before. The photos online are photos of rings of similar design, but they’re not couple rings… And as for the photo of the flowers, I didn’t make the bouquet, and I simply recommended the floral shop where I once took lessons.
I’m a Christian, and I am not a part of Shincheonji. The photo of the woman that people thought was me was not actually me. 2 years ago, a sunbae of mine asked me to appear on radio, and that turned out to be a place called Cheonji Ilbo. I still don’t know if that media outlet has anything to do with Shincheonji. I apologize for causing any misunderstanding.
Also, I apologize for making you uncomfortable by using the hashtag “Incheon Date” last year. The hashtags and posts all had to do with a sponsor company, so I was unable to edit it. As for the photos of the wine bar, I went with a close friend with mine, and the wine bar also belonged to my friend, and the shadow was also her. I’d like to clarify that he was not there.
Regarding the rumors that I went to a lounge bar with a male musical actor, he’s my fellow member’s biological brother, and we’ve known each other for 9 years. He wanted Instagram promotion, so I posted something for him, and I was simply there to congratulate him on opening a lounge with my fellow member.
I apologize for staying silent until now. I thought that by clarifying, it would only hurt your feelings more and I was afraid it would also harm him as a result. This is all because I was unable to separate my personal life from my professional life and didn’t think things through. I’ll try hard to behave maturely from now on.
I feel as though you must’ve felt really hurt, so I feel bad about the fact that I’m apologizing… I’m sure this isn’t enough to make you feel better, but I wanted to apologize anyway.
I’m really, really sorry.
I’d like to stress that this is all true.
Also, my personal Instagram account, @tahiti_ari has been hacked. I say this as many people have misunderstood.

Everybody who reads this site probably doesn’t care much about the “scandal” of dating at all, and you shouldn’t, but every time this happens I just feel the need to cover it cause it reinforces the fact that there’s no “right” way to do it for fans. They always say there is, but no matter what the scenario (like with Sungmin or whoever), it never seems to go down peacefully. So I’m just saying that when stuff about idols comes out after they announce something like this, best to take it with a grain of salt until the dust settles.


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