EVERGLOW drop performance, choreo, relay dances for “LA DI DA”, do individual cover relay dance for Chuseok

EVERGLOW recently delivered their best single in “LA DI DA”, something that should’ve been their breakout, IMO. From what I’ve seen that hasn’t necessarily materialized, but it’s still great to get content from the release anyway through choreography versions, relay dances, and a dance practice with 1MILLION.

Definitely holds up.

Additionally, they provided a unique and welcome gift for Chuseok, with each member doing a cover dance relay.

EU – Jessi’s “SSENUNNI”, KARA’s “Pretty Girl”, HyunA’s “Roll Deep”, IU’s “Marshmallow”

Sihyeon – Fin.K.L’s “To My Boyfriend”, S.E.S.’s “I’m Your Girl”, Baby V.O.X’s “Get Up”, Chakra’s “Han”

Mia – BTS’s “Boy In Luv”, “Go Go”, “MIC Drop”, “ON”

Onda – Zico’s “Summer Hate”, Hyoyeon’s “Dessert”, Hwasa’s “Maria”, Jessi’s “NUNU NANA”, Irene & Seulgi’s “Naughty”

Aisha – Park Ji Yoon’s “Adult Ceremony”, Son Dam Bi’s “Queen”, Ivy’s “A Ha”, Uhm Jung Hwa’s “Poison”

Yiren – Girl’s Day’s “Something”, KARA’s “Honey”, Jennie’s “SOLO”, SNSD’s “Oh”

Never seen this before like officially, and my decree is that all groups should do it. Trip down memory lane slash letting individual members express themselves slash showcases a diversity of talent.


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