B-Side Spotlight: August Edition

Hello! Long time no see. It’s me, your (mostly) friendly local playlist gremlin, back from a small hiatus. You might ask yourselves why I chose to take a break during the two most comeback-heavy months of the year, and the simple answer is that: I was tired. But also, good lord so many things were released during August and September – and so many of them were so good. So, while we’re here, let’s enjoy some of my favourite b-sides from idol groups and soloists that came out during the month of August.

1THE9 – “Friends”

1THE9, the project group from the “Under19” audition program, released this fun, bouncy goodbye song to thank their fans during August. It’s a very sweet goodbye.

Kang Daniel – “Flash”

In all honesty, I don’t think Kang Daniel’s “Magenta” mini is his most consistent, but I do really enjoy this particular song.

Rocket Punch – “Twinkle Star”

I had a hell of a time trying to pick just one song from Rocket Punch’s August comeback – my final choice playlist still has four tracks, and it was a very close thing between this song and “THE THE”.

Hyolyn – “Morning Call”

Oh, Hyolyn. Ohhhh Hyolyn. <3

Treasure – “COME TO ME”

I’m really enjoying Treasure so far, and that makes me nervous as hell because I just don’t…trust that they will be managed properly. I guess we can only wait and see. I hope for the best for them, and can’t wait for more.

MCND – “Bumpin’”

Another fun track from MCND – it doesn’t beat out “Spring” for my favourite MCND track to date, but I think that’s a tough sell.

Even of Day – “Thanks to”

Day6’s first sub-unit! I like Even of Day’s sub-unit a lot, although it does feel like a strange decision to have half the tracks on it be instrumentals. This is my favourite song off the mini, closeby followed by “Landed”.

ITZY – “iD”

I just really…really love Itzy, actually. Listening to them is always such a fun time, and ”iD” is a perfect snapshot of their usual bombastic, hyper style.

KARD – “Hold On”

I’ve sort of missed out on the KARD hype train so far, but I like this song to the point where I’m wondering why and how I’ve been missing it.

Dreamcatcher – “Break The Wall”

I really love DC, and for me this is both them at their very best, and exactly what I wanted from them.

ONEUS – “Dizzy”

My pick from ONEUS’ latest was a close tie between “Dizzy” and “COME BACK HOME”, but the latent summer mood got me good and I decided to go with “Dizzy”. This is, of course, purely because I can bop to it.

Seven O’Clock – “Wassup”

This is one of those times where I think that the choice for promoted track was correct, but I enjoyed this whole mini from Seven O’Clock. I have a little soft spot for them because I saw them live once when they were VERY new, and wish they had a much bigger following than they do have.

Cravity – “Ohh Ahh”

CAN I BOP TO IT? Yes, I can and have, and so should you all. I keep being really impressed by Cravity, and every time I listen to them I get one step closer to actually finding out who is who within the group and becoming an actual invested fan.

OnlyOneOf – “blOOm”

And, finally, we have another new-ish group that I am generally nothing but impressed with. OnlyOneOf are yet to release something that I don’t want to listen to, and I’m secretly incredibly picky. I like how sweet this song is, which is refreshing from a group that tends to skew darker in tone like OnlyOneOf.

…and that’s it! As always, thank you for reading, and feel free to let me know any b-sides you guys likes in the comments. Happy listening!

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