(Ex-AOA) Choa’s YouTube blowing up, “Dynamite” cover, ULU Games commercials

Former AOA member Choa recently made her return from hiatus, starting to utilize her YouTube channel and doing a collab with Primary.

It has been a while, and her behind-the-scene video of her “Girls Like You” cover served as a re-introduction of sorts.

Additionally she covered BTS’s “Dynamite”, so it seems like in addition to doing official releases she’ll be utilizing YouTube to connect with fans with this kind of content.

I’m all for it.

Also, amazingly she has already scored endorsements with ULU Games.

It’s amusing how Choa takes like the idol equivalent of 30 years off and then comes back for like a week and puts out a Primary collab, boosts her YouTube channel into six figures, and gets commercials.

Queen Choa, indeed.


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