BLACKSWAN drops teaser images for amazingly-named debut “Goodbye Rania” + MV teaser for single “Tonight”

Rania is dead and gone, rebooted by DR Music as Black Swan, which was amusingly initially identified as B.S. instead. While that was on the nose for a DR Music managed group, their debut is also appropriately named as “Goodbye Rania” to close the book on that chapter in spirit as well as officially. Rania is dead, long live Rania.

Anyway, Black Swan recently released individual teaser pictures for all four members and things look great so far.

As a Hyeme fan, I was always going to follow the group and just hope for the best, but the group at least visually is striking and look on point. Excited to be inevitably let down by DR Music again.

Their single will be called “Tonight”, and the music video teaser is already out.


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