Songs You May Have Missed: October 2020

Hello, and welcome to another edition of Songs You May Have Missed. It’s autumn – right? It’s still autumn? Can another UK person confirm or deny? I have no idea anymore – and that has no actual bearing on the contents of this playlist other than I wanted to mention it. Let’s go!

OOHYO – “Enough”

From: silence

This song reached itself right into my chest and ripped my heart out, somehow. OOHYO never disappoints.

Loco – “Can’t Sleep (ft. Heize)”


He’s back!! It’s been a long wait for Loco. One of my favourite concert memories is seeing Loco and Gray with my best friend a couple of years ago, and he told this whole story about how he’s allergic to gluten and was so excited to find gluten-free food in so many places around London. But, this song: just lovely.

Giriboy – “Let’s Not Love Each Other”

From: Like A Film: 4 Songs

In a similar vein to the last song, this one is also lovely and melancholy (like a lot of tracks are at the moment, which must be due to the season) and contemplative. 

Primary – “Cloud (ft. ChoA)”

From: Boxtape

For something a bit more upbeat, Primary has this to offer. Primary always has something fun to offer, and this track is in no way a disappointment. Also, great to see ChoA and her gorgeous voice again.

FR:EDEN – “Good Night”

From: it will be okay, good night!

The twinkly percussion on this song definitely gives it a wintery feel, which might seem a little premature but I think it works. A nice song to vibe to all round, with some nice vocal effects on the second chorus.

HYUKOH – “Help (Sunset Rollercoaster Remake)”

So this is a remix by Sunset Rollercoaster of HYUKOH’s song “Help”, which is part of an ongoing project – last month I featured IDIOTAPE’s own remix of “Help”. As much as I love IDIOTAPE, I think if it came down to a bare bones competition I’d pick Sunset Rollercoaster’s version, although they’re so different it wouldn’t be an incredibly fair fight.


From: ALIEN (Single)

Suhyun is a huge talent who deserves to have her name and face plastered on every possible billboard, and I stand by that. This song has a good groove, her vocals are perfect, and it’s, you guessed it, a fucking bop.

CRUSH – “Top Toe (ft. Lee Hi)” AND “Step By Step (ft. Yoon Mirae)

From: with HER

I often talk about not being able to choose between two tracks when I do these playlists when a whole album has been released, and every track on Crush’s mini-album of collaborations is gorgeous. I just…couldn’t choose between these two songs. They vibe with me for the same reasons: an easy groove, vocals from two women I very much admire. Choosing wasn’t an option, so enjoy both!

Youkyung – “Universe”

From: Connect

Something about the mixing is…very bad on this mini, which is a shame because it’s a nice little collection of tracks from former AOA member Youkyung. I like this one the best.

Song Ji Eun – “BLOOM”


I have to confess that I maybe just…like ballads now? There have been so many I have enjoyed this year, and this song from Song Ji Eun is gorgeous. Understated in the best way, and very soft.

…and that’s it! Be sure to let me know about any songs you loved during the month of October in the comments below, and happy listening!

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