Black Swan’s Hyeme accused of fraud, DR ‘investigating’

Black Swan member Hyeme was recently accused of fraud by an acquaintance, who claimed she borrowed ~$45,000 and cut off contact.

The story started with an anonymous report describing the general details of the case.

According to legal reports, Ms “A” had met the complainant, a male, through social media. Ms “A” eventually borrowed ₩50,000,000 KRW ($44,800 USD) from him. She had claimed it was to fuel her daily living expenses. The complainant claims that they had cut off contact after she was unable to pay it back. According to the formal complaint filed with the police, Ms “A” had asked for the large sum in April 2019, asking the complainant to lend her a year’s worth of living expenses. As Ms “A” was not at the capacity to earn her own financial keep, when she was asked to return the money, she one-sidedly cut off contact. When her agency was contacted by media outlets, her management replied that her contract had ended and she would be concluding activities as a singer. They stated that they were unable to give a response as it concerns her private life.

It was later revealed to be Hyeme by Dispatch, who provided details to the story as well as quotes from the accuser.

“At first I cheered her on as a fan. Then we became close. Following which, I developed feelings for her. I truly hoped Hyeme would find success. That’s why I helped her.”

The accuser says the two met in 2018 through social media direct messages, eventually met up off line, and in 2019 she brought up money problems. The accuser provided receipts on the bank transfers that happened at the time, and then goes on to explain that he helped her move out of the dorms, and even gave her a credit card to use which led to the debt racking up.

She said that she would pay me back when she finds success. But she changed her number and disappeared. More than anything, the sense of betrayal is huge.

Throughout the story there’s an interesting amount of clarifications about unrequited crush, details about dating other men, and stuff like not having sex.

She allegedly had dates with other men in the officetel he had gotten for her as well. Mr “B” claims that there was no sexual relations with Hyeme through his time financially supporting her.

Like the Ellin case, it sure feels like what goes on a lot of the time is the dudes thought their “investment” or whatever would result in sex and/or a relationship and they go this route when it’s not like that. Dunno how she was ever going to realistically pay him back in this time frame given that she was in debt and had no active group or activities. Surely that’s not what he expected from the loan.

That doesn’t excuse Hyeme or anybody else, it just makes the whole thing rather awkward/creepy to me.

Either way, DR Entertainment had said that her idol days are over and her contract is ended, and they confirmed that she borrowed at least some money.

With regards to the situation, Hyeme’s agency, DR Entertainment responded that she had indeed borrowed a sum of money and would be investigating more into the matter.

I have no doubt that she borrowed or took money from the guy and didn’t pay it back since, you know, she’s probably broke. So if it’s true it was a loan she definitely owes him some sum and would also obviously be in the wrong if theft was the intent.

Yet it feels like there’s more to the story one way or another, so any further details could be revealing if we get it.


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