Yoochun will pay ~$50k in damages to alleged sexual assault victim

Following a claim that he was too broke to pay his alleged sexual assault victim, it seems the threat of a criminal complaint was enough to motivate him to find around $50,000 to pay up.

Park Yoo Chun has been refusing to pay the damages for over a year, claiming that besides 30 million KRW (about 26,952 USD) in a security deposit, he only has 1 million KRW (about 873 USD) in his bank account. Eventually, A sent Park a certified mail stating that she would file a criminal complaint unless he reimburse his debts. Then today, A’s legal team said that Park sent them a plan of payment. According to their statement, Park Yoo Chun will pay a total of 56 million KRW (about 50,295 USD), 50 million KRW and the 6 million KRW in interest, in two installments, one at the end of this year and one at the end of January 2021.

Damn, with interest.

Hard to believe the guy on anything at this point, but I do hope this is true as it’s the least that can come of it.

Still amazing how they dropped the facade of caring about fighting this tooth and nail once his image was already out the window with the drug fiasco.


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