[Review] GFRIEND go disco on undeniable “MAGO”

Mago is the dude who gets his tongue ripped out through this throat by Khal Drogo on Game Of Thrones, one of the objectively most badass moments in television history. So suffice to say, GFRIEND had a lot to live up to by naming their latest comeback “MAGO”, though it did show immediate promise by being a quasi disco number.

Girl groups are absolutely dominating the 70s and 80s concepts and whatever fusion between them occur. It’s revitalizing groups and providing a fresh switch for many, and GFRIEND aren’t the exception here.

In retrospect, it seems bizarre that GFRIEND were tagged with a one-note label just because they had a consistent concept and sound, as they’ve shown a lot of versatility in recent years. Obviously “MAGO” is a disco sound, but even those can end up bang average if not for the requisite vibrant mood and melodies. Thankfully GFRIEND deliver energy, with (again) emphasis on a fleshed-out chorus rather than one-note repetitions and instrumental drops, helping it reign supreme in terms of sticking in your brain and making one want to hear the song again.

The verses are more on the perfunctory side of things, not being all that notable aside from moving things briskly along, and it’s perhaps the only thing holding “MAGO” back from shooting into the stratosphere. But I did also enjoy the slightly ominous tinge to it all (contrast the set with like T-ara’s “Roly Poly”), which carries over thematically from “Apple”.

While I still hold nostalgia for GFRIEND’s early soaring symphonic brilliance, “MAGO” is another notch in their belt of impressive more adult-themed efforts and provides a wide variety of paths for their future. Musically and conceptually things are clear for however long they want it at this rate, and regardless of which route they choose it promises to be quality.


TheBiasList unsurprisingly also enjoyed it, thinking GFRIEND scored enough with the chorus of “MAGO” to set it apart.


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