12 ‘PD101’ contestants impacted by vote rigging revealed by court

The vote manipulation case has already resulted in jail sentences a fines for those involved in it, but the ‘Produce 101’ mess isn’t done yet as the courts recently released the names of a dozen contestants who were impacted by the rigging.

The contestants who were eliminated as a result of manipulation are as follows:
“Produce 101” (first round of voting): Kim Su Hyun, Seo Hye Lin
“Produce 101 Season 2” (first round of voting): Seong Hyun Woo (LIMITLESS’s A.M)
“Produce 101 Season 2” (fourth round of voting): Kang Dong Ho (NU’EST’s Baekho)
“Produce 48” (fourth round of voting): Lee Ga Eun, Han Cho Won
Actual final ranking: No. 5 Lee Ga Eun, No. 6 Han Cho Won
“Produce X 101” (first round of voting): Anzardi Timothee
“Produce X 101” (third round of voting): Kim Kook Heon (B.O.Y), Lee Jin Woo (GHOST9)
“Produce X 101” (fourth round of voting): Koo Jung Mo (CRAVITY), Lee Jin Hyuk (UP10TION), Keum Dong Hyun
Actual final ranking: No. 6 Koo Jung Mo, No. 7 Lee Jin Hyuk, No. 8 Keum Dong Hyun

The ‘Produce X 101’ members didn’t get a lot of time to build their brand before all of this came out, and the earlier eliminations don’t factor as heavily, but Lee Ka Eun and Han Cho Won could’ve benefitted heavily from being in IZ*ONE and their career paths in entertainment are likely forever changed.

While it could seem cruel to name the contestants, the court reasoned that it provides them with a way forward to be compensated.

The court revealed the list of contestants who were eliminated due to manipulation, commenting, “The harmed trainees being revealed through a fair criminal trial can be the starting point towards them receiving true compensation for damages.” It has been decided that the contestants who benefited from the manipulation will not be revealed as they were not aware of the manipulation happening, and revealing their names could additionally cause harm to them.

Additionally, it was decided that the half dozen individuals who had been fined would also be put on probation.

Assistant PD “Lee” and five entertainment agency representatives, who were previously sentenced fines, have now also received prison sentences of eight months suspended for two years.

The bigger issue is that it’s honestly completely logical, despite the seriousness off all this, to believe they only really scratched the surface of the corruption that was going on between not only the producers but the companies involved.


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