BoA covered by Kim Young Heum, B.O.Y & Na Ha Eun, Ben, Stephanie, DKB, Romantic Punch on ‘Immortal Songs’

Last week, Immortal Songs had a BoA-focused episode, and that’s worth covering because … well, it’s BoA and her discography.

Romantic Punch – BoA’s “Valenti”

Kim Young Heum – BoA’s “No. 1”

Ex-CSJH Stephanie – BoA’s “My Name”

DKB – BoA’s “Atlantis Princess”

Ben – BoA’s “Only One”

B.O.Y (Featuring Na Ha Eun) – BoA’s “ID Peace B”

Kim Young Heum > B.O.Y > Ben > Stephanie > DKB > Romantic Punch

Kim Young Heum was impressive, putting his own stamp on “No. 1” and delivering something aurally pleasing in a style that I prefer. Romantic Punch was a bit of a shock given rock interpolations are usually smiled upon by my preferences, but the arrangement and song just didn’t fit at all.

Truth be told, I only thought half the field did enough where I actually enjoyed watching their takes on BoA classics, but that’s how it tends to go with covers and I’m honestly glad they’re doing during this phase of BoA’s career, for the sake of nostalgia, if nothing else.


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