Park Hyun Ho (Topp Dogg’s Seogoong) opens up about feeling bullied by members & leaving group, trying to jump out of a window after clashing with father

Park Hyun Ho, also known as former Topp Dogg member Seogoong), recently opened up in the media about his experience with feeling bullied by his fellow members, leading to his exit from the group.

In a now-deleted video on the ‘Idol Olympics’ YouTube channel, Park Hyun Ho revealed he went through hard times as a member of Topp Dogg, now known as Xeno-T. He expressed, “When I was promoting as Topp Dogg, I thought my whole dream came true. I don’t think the members always got along. I used to think that if someone gets the spotlight for the team, even if it’s not me, it was good enough. That sparked some issues and the so-called ‘bullying.'” 

It was the moment when I decided to let go of my idol dreams. It was at the meeting when I decided to leave Topp Dogg that my fellow members did a poll in front of me. ‘If you want Seogoong (Park Hyun Ho’s stage name) to leave the group, raise your hand’ and all the members raised their hands. It was the worst.

He goes on to say that he then clashed with his father and proceeded to make a suicide attempt that was only prevented by his father.

After leaving the group, I grabbed my belongings from the dorm and went home. My father got angry with me and put all the blame on me. He blamed it on my personality. I was already at a low place mentally so I opened the window and tried to jump out. My father, however, grabbed my clothes in an attempt to stop me. He grabbed it so intensely, that my clothes ripped. When I look back, I realize how foolish I was behaving and how much pain I caused my father.

The bullying part of this will likely catch the most attention due to the topical nature of it, but even Park Hyun Ho clarifies that he didn’t think it was bullying as most think about it as much as the members not getting along and being thrown under the bus in the end.

Still, there were clearly major issues within the dynamic of the group, and the fact that he was suicidal in the moments after is concerning. Thankfully it seems like he’s in a better place now where he can open up about it at least.


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