BTOB’s Ilhoon reportedly spent $90k+ on weed over the years, Cube issues apology

Ilhoon of BTOB has been confirmed to be under investigation for habitual marijuana use recently, and now further details are coming out, as he reportedly had dropped ~$90k on the drug.

In SPOTV NEWS coverage it was revealed that BTOB member Jung Ilhoon‘s habitually uses marijuana and he spent around ₩100,000,000 KRW approximately $90,517 USD in cash to purchase the drugs.
Based on police investigation it is realved that from past 4-5 years Jung Ilhoon has sent his cash to a middleman “A” who then exchanged the cash into cryptocurrency, bought, and distributed the marijuana back to Jung Ilhoon. It has also been reported that he have shared marijuana with his friends at his home and some in his vehicle.

It was also reported that his hair test came back positive, and Cube responded again to the reports

“As it has been reported, Jung Ilhoon is currently under police investigation for using marijuana. We apologize for making the fans worry and we are well aware of our responsibilities regarding this matter. We will see to it that Jung Ilhoon gets thoroughly investigated by the police.“

A gram is about ~$30 in Korea, apparently. Assuming some kind of frequent customer discount, we’re looking at maybe 7-8 pounds over the years.

Man, he is fucked.


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