Ilhoon withdraws from BTOB after marijuana scandal, says Cube

After being caught having some of the most street cred in Korean entertainment recently, Cube Entertainment has announced member Ilhoon would be leaving BTOB.

This is Cube Entertainment.
First of all, we bow our heads in apology for causing concern due to an issue involving our agency’s artist Jung Ilhoon.
Jung Ilhoon feels strong responsibility for breaking the trust of fans and causing disappointment, and he is deeply reflecting. Respecting his opinion to no longer cause harm to the group, it was decided that he will withdraw from the group as of today.
We feel strong responsibility for this recent incident, and we will do our duty in order for him to diligently participate in the upcoming investigation.
BTOB will now continue activities with six members, and we will provide our best efforts and unchanging support for BTOB to showcase more mature music and performances.
We once again apologize to the fans who support and cherish BTOB.

I don’t really have any issue with him morally, but I assume most people knew this was coming because of how drugs are treated in Korea. Is what it is.

Well, we always have “She’s Gone” at least.


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