Son Ye Jin & Hyun Bin make ‘Crash Landing On You’ couple official, which is surprising in a way

After seemingly endless dating rumors, actress Son Ye Jin and actor Hyun Bin confirmed reports that they are dating, making the couple from the drama Crash Landing On You a reality.

For Dispatch‘s new year tradition of revealing couples, they reported on the pair.

On January 1, Dispatch published a report claiming that the two stars have been dating for the past eight months—and that their relationship began after the conclusion of their hit drama “Crash Landing on You.” According to Dispatch, when the co-stars denied dating rumors multiple times in the past, they were telling the truth and were not, in fact, romantically involved at the time. However, a source close to Hyun Bin reportedly stated that around March 2020, the two developed romantic feelings for one another. The anonymous source commented, “I think that after the drama ended and they spent time apart, they began to miss each other.” Dispatch claimed that Hyun Bin and Son Ye Jin met up several times to hang out with fellow actors following the end of “Crash Landing on You,” and during these get-togethers, they realized just how well-suited they were as a couple. They also reportedly bonded over their mutual love of golf. Along with its report, Dispatch published photos of Son Ye Jin getting into Hyun Bin’s car.

The best/worst part of this is the possibility that shippers/reporters actually sorta made them consider dating. Best because they’re together and worst cause now shipper delusions are validated.

After their agencies said they’d check on the reports, VAST Entertainment and MS Team Entertainment both confirmed.

On January 1, Hyun Bin’s agency VAST Entertainment stated, “Actors Hyun Bin and Son Ye Jin met through their projects, and after the end of their drama, their positive feelings towards one another developed into a romantic relationship.” The agency added, “We ask that you look warmly upon their relationship and cheer them on in the future.” Son Ye Jin’s agency MS Team Entertainment similarly confirmed, “The two of them got to know each other through their acting projects, and after the end of their drama, they developed an interest in each other and ended up dating.”

Well, this is cool for fans of the drama and the couple, and obviously they’re both gorgeous and all that. Just hope it ends better than Song-Song did.


Of course, one of the reasons a lot of people are surprised about this news is that it was a pretty common belief that Son Ye Jin was a lesbian. Back in 2013 there was a relatively notorious blind item that had her involved in a lesbian love triangle situation, then there was a 2015 quote she gave about having a ‘homosexual disposition’ that sure read like her dropping hints, and she is 38 and never had a public relationship before, so the speculation kinda snowballed.


Regardless, Son Ye Jin later confirmed the relationship personally on Instagram.

Best of luck to the couple.


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