AOA’s Yuna leaves FNC after contract expires, looks toward uncertain future

FNC Entertainment announced recently that AOA member Yuna would be leaving the company due to the expiration of her contract.

Hello, this is FNC Entertainment.
We are informing you that our exclusive contract with our artist Seo Yuna has ended.
We came to this decision together after amicable mutual discussions.
We would like to express our gratitude to Seo Yuna, who promoted actively as both a singer and an actress under our agency for the past eight years.
We ask that you give Seo Yuna your warm support and encouragement as she makes a new start.
Thank you.

Yuna debuted with AOA back in 2012, and the group recently saw a revival thanaks to Queendom, but has obviously ran into major issues after Mina went public with Jimin’s bullying of her, and now the group is all but done.

Confirming the news, Yuna posted a handwritten letter on Instagram.

Hello, this is Yuna.
I’m writing this because I think that I need to personally say something to my fans who must have been surprised when you saw the news articles.
As of today, I’ve ended my contract with FNC, which I’ve been with for 10 years.
There’s so much that I want to say and I miss you too….
I’m not sure where I should start,
but just, I’m so grateful.
My 20s were really happy
thanks to the many people who love me.
I think I truly received so much love,
to the point that there were times when I wondered if it was alright for me to do so.
I just worked hard at everything
because I wanted to sing and I wanted to perform on stage,
and no matter what I did, my fans told me, ‘You’re beautiful,’ and ‘You’re cool.’
I think it’s thanks to you that I was able to keep running without stopping
no matter how hard and exhausting it was.
Starting now, I’m going to take my time a bit more and go a bit more slowly.
I’m going to try doing the things that I’ve wanted to do
and take some time for myself.
Thank you to my fans and my members,
who made such precious memories that I could never trade for anything else.
I will improve and grow.
I hope that in the new year,
everyone just experiences happier things.
Always be careful about your health, and happy new year!

It’s certainly been a rollercoaster, as in addition to the Queendom revival, late in 2019 she was revealed to be doing songwriting and composing as E.NA. Obviously the Jimin bullying scandal and questions about the roles the rest of the AOA member played had her take a hit as well, though it never seemed like she was the focal point of things. It’s not known how she will move forward as I don’t think there’s an obvious path, at least as a celeb, but now she has behind-the-scenes options as well.


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