Maeda Koki (ex-Johnny’s Jr.) says in interview that it was ‘certain’ Johnny Kitagawa slept with trainees

Maeda Koki (former Johnny’s Jr. & 7 MEN Samurai member) recently gave an interview to Arama! Japan, and while most of it was as vanilla as you’d expect, one section in particular addressing the sexual abuse allegations against Johnny Kitagawa was surprising.

The full interview is here, though the section making the round comes when Maeda essentially confirms that Johnny was a predator towards young boys.

If you noticed that you can’t find it in the interview now, well that’s because it was edited, likely because somebody told Maeda that he’s not supposed to be honest or something.

NOTE: Since its publication, this interview has been edited upon request.

Anyway, I’m not sure how much of a surprise this is to anybody reasonable given that it’s basically been common knowledge not only in the industry but with fans as well. However, having a former member of the company confirm it so openly was indeed shocking.


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