DinDin & Rainbow’s Hyunyoung decided to self-ship with a scuffed but superior ‘We Got Married’ on YouTube

Rapper DinDin and Rainbow‘s Hyunyoung decided to effectively make a scuffed yet superior We Got Married by themselves for their YouTube channels. Scuffed because it was just a two-day thing and pretty casual, but superior because, well, it was pretty casual and it didn’t seem forced unlike We Got Married since the two already had pre-tested chemistry on the strength of being friends for like two decades.

Not sure how I missed all this going down earlier last month, and in typical fashion I made a tweet about it before I actually wrote about it, but the exchange encapsulated what made the show a pretty fun time killer if nothing else, and at times content gold.


The show is also inevitably gonna cause shippers, cause even I came away thinking that they should just date already.


But we’re getting ahead of ourselves here, how did this all start, right? Well, back in September on Hyunyoung’s YouTube channel, she posted a video with DinDin about them being childhood friends.

It went viral, especially for a channel of her size, and it currently has ~1.4 million views.

The topic concerned whether men and women can be platonic friends, and they talked about their own childhood friendship.

Explaining how they knew one another, Hyunyoung shared, “We grew up together in the same neighborhood starting from elementary school. We lived in the same neighborhood through high school, so we’re childhood friends.”

DinDin made whether they previously dated or not into a humorous point of contention.

DinDin then claimed that he and Hyunyoung had briefly dated during middle school—an assertion that Hyunyoung vehemently protested. In his individual interview, DinDin said, “We dated for about two weeks in our third year of middle school.” Hyunyoung, who had been watching from behind the camera, suddenly exclaimed, “When did I ever date you?” DinDin insisted, “It’s true! I dated her for about two weeks.” Hyunyoung continued to deny his claim, even resorting to some colorful language as she declared, “That’s not true. I’ve never dated you. You’re making stuff up on your own.” DinDin went on, “We didn’t do anything. It was our third year of middle school; what could we have done?”

DinDin seemed to have a, uh, exact memory of what transpired.

He then told the story of their alleged two-week relationship, explaining, “We were deskmates. I asked her to go out with me, but after we started dating, I realized she had quite a temper. Then, right around that time, a younger student confessed her feelings to me. I thought it would be better for me to go out with her instead, so I sent Hyunyoung a message saying that we couldn’t go out because my friend liked her.” “Of course, from her standpoint, it was ridiculously offensive,” he continued. “I was the one who had asked her out, and who did I think I was to suddenly call it off? She’s not the type to let that kind of thing slide, so she said she’d call my friend herself. I called my friend and asked him to lie for me, and he agreed. But after that, the two of them started dating. And the two of us became really close friends.” The rapper later added that because it had been exam time when they started dating, their dates had consisted mainly of studying together on the roof.

There was also a bit of an awkward moment where they talked about a time when a drunk DinDin tried to hit on Hyunyoung and she slapped the shit out of him.

While discussing whether it was possible for men and women to be friends, Hyunyoung mentioned a time when DinDin had gotten drunk and made a move on her in a cab. DinDin recalled with a laugh, “So you slapped me.” Hyunyoung explained that the intoxicated DinDin had told her, “You’re pretty. I feel like I’m seeing you in a different light today,” and she’d had no choice but to slap him. DinDin went on, “We were in a taxi, and she slapped me more than once. It hurt so much. The taxi driver pulled over, and she suddenly got out. I was paying for the cab and asking her why [she was upset], and she yelled, ‘Get lost!’ So I took the cab home by myself.”

While they both spoke highly of each other, they also said they would never date.

Recalling that they had once promised each other in grade school that they’d get married if they were both still single at the age of 40, both DinDin and Hyunyoung passionately agreed that there was no way they’d go through it, adding that they’d been crazy to consider such a thing at the time.

Then a few months ago, DinDin created a YouTube channel for contents with his mom and what not. On November 10, Hyunyoung appeared in a video on his channel making kimchi with his mom.

It was then that DinDin mentioned people were saying they should do a We Got Married thing with each other, and even his mom approved.

Well, they did it, a two-day We Got Married that was released as an eight-part YouTube series on DinDin’s channel.

Meanwhile, Hyunyoung’s channel has an after show type of thing where the pair discuss the episodes. Unfortunately it does not have English subtitles (1/2, 3/4, 5/6, 7/8).

Whether there’s more of this in the future depends on the reception, according to DinDin, but given that these videos have more views by orders of magnitude than anything else on their channels, it seems all but a foregone conclusion that this will happen again. Or at least that’s what I’m telling myself cause I’m invested already.

A worthy ship, honestly.


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