LOONA’s Chuu tasked with saving the world on YouTube channel Chuu Can Do It

LOONA’s Chuu, who I haven’t gotten around to highlighting much on this site even though she’s probably the cutest K-pop idol ever, now has a YouTube channel adorably named Chuu Can Do It.

Despite some acting that you’d find in porn (or from Lee Yeon Hee), the task she’s given of saving the world is rather daunting. Though I suppose that’s the point of Chuu Can Do It, and making this the theme does immediately make her standout among YouTube channels.

As we’re seeing on Running Girls, Chuu does seem to have a natural skill for this kind of stuff anyway, so this probably takes the right trend and also utilizes her ability to make anything fun.

With all the teasers and previews done, the first episode finally got aired recently, where she works part-time at a cafe that doesn’t use disposables.

Like the idea so far and interested to see where it goes, especially if guests continue to show up.

Alright, alright.


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