Songs You May Have Missed: December 2020

Is 2020 over? Yes? Sort of? Alright, okay, better distract everyone with some new music to listen to, then. This month’s playlist is heavily represented by chilled out tracks, which is perfect really because who the hell is rushing around constantly in winter, especially THIS winter? Not me, that’s for sure. Let’s go!

Baek A Yeon – “I Need You”

Yet again, December made me look at why I say I am not a fan of ballads and yet I choose so many for these playlists. Baek A Yeon just sells it for me, and I can’t help myself. This is a perfect warm, wintry song as far as I’m concerned.

CityNoise (ft. IT’S) – “Step”

This song is nice and low-key and fairly chill, and the only thing that for me takes away from it slightly is the choice of vocal effects used on the chorus.

Crucial Star & Ji Chanel – “White Out”

Crucial Star never disappoints me (except that one time on Show Me The Money…sighs). Sweet and very lovely.

donggyoung – “Walking On The Moon”

Alright well at this point I think we’ve established I’m just trash for any chilled out & pretty track from any soloist woman with sweet and slightly husky vocals. I will be looking out for more from donggyoung. 

FilmIsland & Sora – “Orion”

The instrumental of this song kind of sounds like night time music from Animal Crossing, which in my book gives it about a thousand points for goodness. Nothing ground-breaking, but definitely worth a few listens.

FR:EDEN – “1992/29”

I feel like I include FR:EDEN on these playlists every time something new is released, which I think says more than anything else about the quality of the music. It’s always fun and I always enjoy it, so good job FR:EDEN.

Giriboy ft. THAMA – “A Guy Who Can’t Do Anything Without Alcohol”

Giriboy and Baek Yerin really said fuck the cost of printing, huh? For me this is the perfect Giriboy song, and THAMA’s vocals are gorgeous. Giriboy really doesn’t miss – I really struggled to pick between this song and “My Place” (ft. Zion.T.

IDIOTAPE – “Sorry To Greta (ATOEM Remix)”

And for something completely different, here’s my faves IDIOTAPE. I mentioned their “Dystopian” album last time I included them on one of these playlists, but I’ll do it again because I truly listen to it at least a couple of times a month. This being a remix by someone else has a slightly different flavour, but if you are at all a fan of EDM or soundscape-y goodness, you will love them.

Jang Hyunseung – “I Just Can’t Stop Loving You”

Hyunseung is a talented guy, so while this song didn’t totally work for me I still think it should be talked about – I hope anyone reading this playlist enjoys it a lot.

Jukjae & HYUK – “Camellia”

God, I miss VIXX. Thanks to Jukjae for giving me some HYUK to tide me over.

Katie – “Classic”

December truly belonged to vocalist women. Katie is another artist I really struggled to pick just one track from for this playlist. I love how simple this track is in a lot of ways, like each part of it has the space and time to breathe and make its own impression when listening, rather than being too much. Effective and gorgeous.

Lee Hi & Crush – “For You”

These two are a vocal match made in heaven. More please.

Lucite Tokki – “Call Me”

I truly, genuinely love Lucite Tokki so much and listen to her “L+” EP from 2016 whenever I need something soft. She never, ever misses.

Nieah – “Universe”

Galactic themes were going around last month, it seems. I hadn’t ever listened to Nieah before this, but listening to this song makes me feel like that has been a huge mistake.

ONEWE – “Eraser”

Something more uptempo! Thanks for the mood boost, ONEWE.

Satiny (ft. Howell) – “Moon”

This song almost immediately made it into my personal playlist for this month, which is usually a sign that it’s (for me, because that’s how personal taste works) extra good. I have nothing to complain about with this song – I like the vocals, I like the melody, I like the beat. A very solid and sweet track.

SUZANNE (ft. THAMA) – “Want You!”

A second track featuring Thama! Surely this is a sign. What I love about Suzanne is that a lot of her tracks are lovely but also just kind of weird. I really, really loved her album “The Distance Between You And Me” earlier last year, so she had a lot to live up to for me. She has, absolutely, more than surpassed my expectations. 

Uhm Jung Hwa (ft. Hwa Sa & DPR LIVE) – “Hop In”

On the first listen, I was deeply confused by this song. To be honest, even after several listens I am still hugely confused; I feel like there’s a lot of different stuff (read: too much) going on. But, even despite that – or maybe even because of that – I really, really like this sweet mess. Great featuring artists too, nicely done.


Now, you may be asking yourselves – Hels, why is this track not on the B-Side playlist? Well, being that this is the ONLY B-Side to choose from and I really just didn’t like the title track, it seemed sort of cheap to include there. Keep going, Vanner.

Young Jun (ft. SAAY, dress) – “Darling”

Slap SAAY on a track as a featured artist and I’m there. Nothing more needs to be said.

youra (ft. Heize) – “RAL 9002”

In this house we love and respect ladies with gorgeous vocals, and this track is a twofer. I was a bit worried that Heize might outshine youra on this track, but actually it feels nicely balanced. Chilled but not sleepy.

…and that’s it! As always, thanks for reading and let me know any tracks from December you think should receive some love, and don’t forget to check out the B-Side Spotlight for idol music. Happy listening!

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