Running Girls – Episode 3: Movin’ to Pohang, Sunmi’s step-dad, Chuu’s gaping maw

Doin a big runnnn

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Episode 3 starts off giving the people what they want: a consummation of the HaniChuuSunmi love triangle. After a sleepy-eyed breakfast, they commemorate their stay in Seosam by making a banner with their team name “Let’s Run for DalDalGuri” (guess who named that one) (it’s Chuu). It’s back to the real world for a moment and then a new location.

*Guttural Yeodeok Screaming*
DalDalGuri Gang getting swagged out

For the second half of the show, the girls move on to Pohang and Gyeongju, located in Southeastern Korea. Over the phone, YooA is tricked by Sunmi into thinking that she’s Chuu, having absorbed the proper amount of Chuu power simply by sharing a bed with her. They make up group 1. Sunmi shares that she lived in this neighborhood when she was 7, and she wanted to show YooA a jog that meant a lot to her as a child.

Sunmi’s childhood course

Group 2 then is our three remaining crew mates, Hani, Chungha and Chuu. Chungha unfortunately has a beat up left ankle, which will prevent her from pushing herself too hard. They plan to do a fairly mild course. Hani being an experienced runner is totally fine with matching Chungha’s pace, while Chuu bursts out ahead from time to time before returning to her squad.

Chungha is smitten
YooA and Sunmi share feelings

Meanwhile for the YooA/Sunmi duo, heavy rain starts to fall and their jog becomes more of a ahjumma stroll filled with gags. Their voice guide reveals the theme of today’s run: practicing awareness, enjoying the presence of your running mates, matching pace, matching hearts.

Ahjumma Olympics
Wholesome Content Queens

A post-run meal finds the comedy duo enjoying some tteokboki and rice balls, while the threesome goes for some bibimbap w/ 10+ scoops of gochujang and a gigantic pajeon. Chuu scares Hani with the size of her gaping maw, no doubt stretched by the amount of Chuu-hearts she’s bitten into. YooA and Sunmi continue their date by getting some “omg-she’s-so-crazy” photos taken and the trio enjoy more of the shoreline before heading to the new apartment.

She’s outta control!!
What a champion
Trio meal
Chuu assault continues into episode 3

After getting comfortable, making plans and writing in their journals, a guest pulls up to the house in a minivan. Sunmi’s step-father is here, and he’s brought fresh king crab. Genuine surprise or not, the pride Sunmi has in showing off her step-father to viewers is palpable. Sumni has talked about her biological father before, but not so much her step-father, who has done so much for her and her family. Sunmi being one of the stronger attractions on the show makes me wonder how much of this was orchestrated by her company, as a condition to being casted. Nevertheless, throwing your idol clout around in order to show off your step-father and talk about BPD is considerably more noble than the usual so I’ll take it.

Seriously what the hell
Dadrave / Crabrave

Of course, seeing Sunmi with her father makes the rest of the gang wistful for their own parents. Someday, unnies. Someday. That crab fried rice though…

I’m dying
Sunmi being the consummate Unnie
The retro party starts

At the end of this episode and going into the next is the Retro Christmas Party. The ‘retro’ seems to be a little slap-dash, but then Sunmi rides to the rescue, gifting the girls dresses she wore in the ‘pporappippam’ video (how convenient).

Sunmi’s surprise gift
Merry Christmas, girls
Ep 3 short on memes but big on bonding

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